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I first began educating people about human sexuality in 1990 when I joined the South Plains AIDS Resource Center, one of the first AIDS outreach programs in West Texas, as a student liaison.

While teaching Literature and Grammar at a private Christian high school, I was appointed to teach sex education in health classes, limited to an abstinence-only curriculum. It was at that time I came to understand what a disservice it was to young people. I realized that conditioning impressionable minds to view sex as something taboo and akin to only disease and unwanted pregnancy could have devastating and long-lasting ill-effects.

I’ve since made it my primary mission to repair the misrepresentation that I, and countless other well-meaning adults, presented concerning Christian sexuality.  I now foster and encourage Christians in overcoming social conditioning and religious repression in order to begin building and maintaining healthy intimate relationships.

My spice and I have been married since 1993 and together have co-created seven fiercely independent and fantastic children.

Clan Allen, est. 1993

My approach to coaching is realistic but fun, educational, holistic, and science-based. I encourage my clients in building their interpersonal relationships and towards embracing healthy, vibrant sexuality.

I work with women of all faiths, spiritualities, and ethical moral codes. My goal is to simply share the love, as I see it, of our Creator with the compassion of Jesus Christ. That is the standard to which I hold only myself.

If you are interested in learning more, I’m here for you. I encourage you to contact me.


I am a certified Life Coach specializing in Intimacy and Relationship Coaching as well as Sexual Health & Pleasure Educator and Consultant. I assist individuals and couples in clarifying their own intimate needs and boundaries, suggesting the tools they need to experience exceptional sexual health and well-being. I also offer educational workshops centered around sexual health and pleasure. Bachelorettes and newly-marrieds find my workshop most helpful. 

I was a founding Pleasure Professional with O.school. My presentations and articles centered especially around sex and religion, healthy communication, creating and re-creating partnered relationship visions, pleasure techniques, and sexual health.

“I’m holding a space for you.”


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