Help for Now-Adult Children of Divorce

If you witnessed divorce as a child yourself, you may have seen things you shouldn’t have seen, heard things you shouldn’t have heard, had to bear burdens children should never have to bear.


According to US statistics, most of us witnessed divorced as children¹; and not only that, but many of us as current adults, are dealing with divorces of our own.

  • The Good News: Current trends show divorce rates falling.
  • The Bad News: Reports show this phenomenon is due to decreasing marriage rates².
  • The Sad Fact: Divorce, with exception to domestic violence, drastically harms children emotionally, mentally, and financially.³

How were you expected to model your own marriage?

There is no denying that the effects of our parents’ divorces have been carried into our own adult lives. Those of us who witnessed the bitterness of divorce likely chose one of three choices: never marry ourselves, marry and stick with our marriage no matter what, or marry and see divorce as a likely option if our relationship soured.

What can be done for you now?

Are you currently in one of these scenarios? Perhaps you needn’t be. Micki Allen Coaching offers a safe space for healing, growing, and moving forward with positive actions that can help you prepare for the relationship you desire or in your current relationship that you want to keep. Contact Micki today.


¹,³National Affairs, The Evolution of Divorce. “Since 1974, about 1 million children per year have seen their parents divorce…”.

²USA Today, “Add divorce to the list of things Millennials are killing“.

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