What if You Stopped Praying that God Would “Fix” Your Husband? [a guest post by Arrettres Hollins]

Sometimes when we are going through things in our marriage, we are completely focused on what is wrong with our husband.

We go to God with lengthy prayers about what he needs to do to fix our husband. We rehearse his flaws, what he has done wrong. Sometimes, we even give God a timeline and remind him how long we have been waiting for him to fix our husband.

But….what if….that’s not what God wants you to focus on??

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What if God wants you to focus on you….and your flaws….and you being the wife he created you to be?

“If he would be a better husband, then I could be a better wife.”

I hear you, my sister.

But, think about this for a second.

Every single time I visit my family doctor, we have the same conversation. She gives me a list of things I need to be doing for my health. She fusses about my blood pressure being too high and threatens to put me on meds if I don’t get myself together. We go over all my family history, and what can happen to me if I don’t do right. I always promise to do better and come up with an amazing plan to improve my health. Unfortunately, I don’t always stick with it. Which is exactly why we keep having the SAME conversation.

Let me ask you a question.

Does my inability to do right make her less of a doctor? No.

Does she now say, “I can’t be a good doctor to my patients because they won’t do what I tell them to do.” Nope.

She goes right along and continues to be an amazing doctor. Her status is not based on who I am. Her status is based on who she knows she is. She is a doctor no matter what.

The same applies to you as a wife.

You are a wife no matter what.

What if God wants you to shift your focus off your husband’s flaws and instead seek God regarding you being the wife he created you to be? What if God wants you to allow him to heal those broken areas of your heart that prevent you from loving the way you desire to love?

Are you willing to let go and trust God again?

I encourage you to take a deep look within and seek God so that he can begin the healing process in you.

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