Hope for the Holidays

The holiday season can be a time for crazy extremes for many women. Everything around us telling us that we should be full of excitement and good cheer, but in truth we may be feeling very anxious and stressed. Let’s face it, party planning, gift hunting, and wrangling family politics aren’t always exciting ventures! You may be grieving the loss of a loved one and coping with the pain of facing your holidays without them. It can difficult to manage our expectations when everyone in holiday commercials looks like they just stepped out of the Hallmark channel.

We need to be mindful about keeping our priorities and expectations in check if we want to keep our sanity relatively stable. I recommend giving yourself a Mind, Body, Spirit check as often as possible.


Do your utmost to keep any positive thoughts in action. Rather than focusing on what you don’t have or don’t have time to do, remind yourself of what you are grateful for in life and what you have already accomplished on your holiday to-do list. Celebrate every small victory. Whether you identify as being Christian, Jewish, pagan or anything else, keeping your mind focused on what is true, honorable, lovely … and anything worthy of praise is sound advice for every mind.


This one seems a no-brainer, but is sometimes it is easier said than done. Moderation at all times, but especially during the holidays, is key for a healthy, happy body. For me it means lightening up on sugary sweets … and alcohol. Again, easier said than done; especially if all you wanna do is race home from a long hard day of wrestling with bustling holiday crowds and reward yourself a hot toddy or four! Keep your body moving because it can actually keep your energy levels up. Oh, and a little vigorous sex can be a really fun way to do this, by the way. But self-care and being kind to yourself means treating your body with the respect it deserves.


This is a sacred time of year. Stay connected (or re-connect) with your Divine. Nourish and enrich your spirit, planting and watering the seeds that you want to reap in the New Year. If your goal is to practice love, patience, kindness, and gentleness with those around you, you must get in the habit of practicing love, patience, kindness, and gentleness with You first.

Remember, there is hope for the holidays. My holiday wish for you, girlfriends, is for a peaceful and gracefully contented time with those whom you love during this sacred season.

Published by Micki Allen

Relentlessly compassionate human being and fiercely loyal wife of one and "mom of many" abiding in Texas. Certified Life Coach, Intimacy and Relationship Coach, and Adult Sex Educator.

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