Intimacy and Relationship Coaching


Enjoy the love, sex, and intimacy you desire.

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Each woman’s needs are unique. Therefore, I make a point of designing my professional services with each individual person as well as their specific goal or challenge in mind. I teach pleasure-based sex education to adult women in a fun and non-threatening way. I offer a personalized curriculum based on your current needs with the most up-to-date scientific understanding available. 


What is Intimacy and Relationship Coaching?

Similar to life coaching, intimacy and relationship coaching is a process that aims to assist clients by helping them to work towards and achieve their personal sexual and/or relationship goals. Unlike a general life coach who may assist their client with organizational skills, self assessment, or weight loss, a coach who focuses on intimacy and relationships typically specializes in the more intimate areas of familial relationships which could include passion, partnerships, and, yes, sex.

Isn’t Coaching Just Like Therapy?

No. Intimacy and relationship coaches are neither sexologists nor psychotherapists. Most coaching clients are healthy, successful people from all walks of life who are likely just a bit stuck or simply want to add new dimensions to their love lives or clarity in familial relationships and want the support of a nonjudgemental coach or advocate to do so. I refer anyone who is dealing with serious mental repercussions from deep sexual trauma to seek counsel with a medical professional or licensed therapist.

Therapy is analogous to a medical doctor trying to cure an “ailment” (from a pathological perspective), assuming the patient is in need of fixing (e.g., through psychotherapy or prescription drugs). On the other hand…

My coaching assumes that clients are whole, resilient beings who are simply in need of informed, educational options and a supportive advocate.